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Federal Polytechnic, Offa, established in 1992

Geographic limits of the map: N: 14° N S: 4° N W: 2° E E: 15° E

Offa is a city located in Kwara State, central Nigeria with a population of about 90,000 inhabitants. The vegetation in Offa is savanna vegetation and the town is noted for its weaving and dyeing trade, using vegetable dyes made from locally grown indigo and other plants. Offa is well known for cultivation of Sweet potatoes and maize which also formed part of the favourite staple foods of the indigenes in the town. Offa in one of her eulogy is being address as the home of sweet potatoes. Cattle, goats and sheep are also raised in the environs. The key religions practised in the town are:- Islam, Christianity and Traditional religions.

The ancient tradition for which the town is known is wrestling. Offa's rich history is comprehensively documented in a book written by James Bukoye Olafimihan an educationist and clergyman titled 'Iwe Itan Offa' , literally translated The Book of the History of Offa.

Offa is on the railway line from Lagos, the former capital of Nigeria, and Offa served as the railway terminus before the line was extended north to Kano and Nguru.

  • 00:00:0023.74oC light rain
    3.96 m/s 986.55 hPa
  • 03:00:0022.79oC light rain
    5.02 m/s 985.34 hPa
  • 06:00:0021.93oC light rain
    4.35 m/s 986.47 hPa
  • 09:00:0021.87oC moderate rain
    2.15 m/s 988.18 hPa
  • 12:00:0021.99oC moderate rain
    1.37 m/s 987.67 hPa
  • 15:00:0023.8oC light rain
    3.32 m/s 984.69 hPa
  • 18:00:0023.5oC light rain
    2.12 m/s 985.26 hPa
  • 21:00:0021.77oC light rain
    2.41 m/s 985.88 hPa
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