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  • 00:00:0021.01oC moderate rain
    2.29 m/s 1012 hPa
  • 03:00:0020.99oC moderate rain
    2.52 m/s 1010 hPa
  • 06:00:0020.85oC moderate rain
    1.87 m/s 1012 hPa
  • 09:00:0022.04oC light rain
    0.62 m/s 1013 hPa
  • 12:00:0024.36oC moderate rain
    3.52 m/s 1011 hPa
  • 15:00:0021.39oC moderate rain
    3.31 m/s 1010 hPa
  • 18:00:0020.81oC light rain
    3.41 m/s 1012 hPa
  • 21:00:0020.42oC light rain
    2.06 m/s 1013 hPa
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