Health Services

FPO medical Centre is a three tier health service provider rendering primary, secondary and tertiary care. The medical centre renders inpatient, outpatient services as well as run specialty clinics which include but not limited to; general surgery, internal medicine, laboratory services, pharmacy services, blood bank services, etc.

Our Vision is to be a leading world class mission Polytechnic health provider that will provide the best care at an affordable price. While we work with the core value of DAZE, which means that we are dutiful and accommodating.

Our mission to promote and preserve the health status and well being of the Polytechnic Community and environment through efficient and compassionate delivery of quality health care to staff and students and the community as a whole through continuous improvement in the quality of the care and services we provide; educating and training of physicians and other health care professionals to ensure future availability of comprehensive health services for the Polytechnic Community and environment. While we educate and train covered community as a whole in bring about total health and community participation in health.

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