Vision & Mission

Mission Statement

  • “To be a leading world class Polytechnic within the shortest period of time”

Vision Statement

    • “Our vision is to train skillful knowledgeable, industrious and technological manpower needed for sustainable national development”.

Know The Anthem


Federal Polytechnic Offa a unique citadel of learning,

The Peacock in harmonious region,

Drawing raw materials from every nook and cranny,.

To be forged and refined as leaders,

Ready to turn the technological wheel for the advancement of our fatherland,

Our pride, the pride of our sovereign nation.

Federal Polytechnic Offa a place for knowledge thirsty souls,

Serene Place for transformation,

Imparting souls with knowledge, skills and industry,

With a burning passion for their future,

Groomed to change the nation’s technology for the attainment of the prized desire,

And fashioned to affect generations.

Help us oh God.

  • 00:00:0022.59oC light rain
    4.13 m/s 1013.86 hPa
  • 03:00:0022.25oC light rain
    3.51 m/s 1012.6 hPa
  • 06:00:0022.52oC light rain
    3.37 m/s 1014.07 hPa
  • 09:00:0024.1oC light rain
    3.91 m/s 1015.55 hPa
  • 12:00:0028.65oC light rain
    3.61 m/s 1013.29 hPa
  • 15:00:0027.75oC light rain
    3.38 m/s 1010.93 hPa
  • 18:00:0023.95oC light rain
    3.17 m/s 1012.36 hPa
  • 21:00:0022.95oC overcast clouds
    3.39 m/s 1014.92 hPa
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