staffThe general welfare package for all School and Staff is given utmost attention. The Polytechnic ensures provision of enabling environment for achieving academic excellence and research breakthroughs by putting in place maximum security and good infrastructural facilities.

In addition, Federal Polytechnic Offa(FPO) has a total number of four hundred and seventy-five Teaching Staffs, also has a total number of four hundred and fourth-nine Non-Teaching Staffs, An Academic union, and eight Non-Academic union.


  • 00:00:0022.59oC light rain
    4.13 m/s 1013.86 hPa
  • 03:00:0022.25oC light rain
    3.51 m/s 1012.6 hPa
  • 06:00:0022.52oC light rain
    3.37 m/s 1014.07 hPa
  • 09:00:0024.1oC light rain
    3.91 m/s 1015.55 hPa
  • 12:00:0028.65oC light rain
    3.61 m/s 1013.29 hPa
  • 15:00:0027.75oC light rain
    3.38 m/s 1010.93 hPa
  • 18:00:0023.95oC light rain
    3.17 m/s 1012.36 hPa
  • 21:00:0022.95oC overcast clouds
    3.39 m/s 1014.92 hPa
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