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How do I apply for Admission using Interswitch Debit Card?

click here to download the procedure
2 How do I re-query Remita when bank deducts my money and there is no correspond value for it on the portal?
  1. Login with your username and password
  2. Click My Polytechnic Menu
  3. Click My WebPAY Log Sub menu
  4. Click List Unsuccessful button
  5. Click all Please Click here to requery links under STATUS field.
3 Must I come to Federal Polytechnic, Offa to Apply for the Admission? No, you can do it in any place with good Internet Connectivity
4 What is my Application Number? Your Application Number will be displayed on the first page of your application after you make payment.
5 I could not edit my application after I have submitted it. Yes, you will not be able to edit your Application after submission because the admission process has been initialized on it
6 Many of the dropdown menus do not have information as they are suppose to have. The portal needs good Internet connectivity. The connection your are using may be slower than required.
7 What do I do when there is error as a result of poor connectivity?. Every stage of your Application is saved. You can close the page and restart it when you have good connectivity by using 'Click here to continue your Application'link..
8 What do I need to check my admission status? Your Application Number you used during admission application is very important.
9 When do I check my admission status? It will be announced by the school authority
10 How long can I used to complete the Application? You have just 30 minutes to complete application online. There may be data lost if more than that.
11 How do I pay school fees online?
  • Students to visit the Polytechnic website www.fpo.edu.ng and login to student Portal by using application/Registration number as username and Payment code given to students as password.
  • Click description link of the bill to make payment and make payment using "REMITA" to pay.
  • Student is redirected to the payment confirmation page to confirm the total amount debited from students Account (Notification of payment transaction will be sent to the student email address)
12 What do I do if I encounter any problem. Chat with the support peoples online or send mail to portal.support@fpo.edu.ng or call 09097246291, 08099931033

New Portal

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