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Social Science and Humanities Department

In 1992 when the Federal Polytechnic Offa was established with four Departments including the Department of General Studies, as it was then called, the Department of Social Studies was hardly known.  Courses were offered in the Department of General Studies only as supporting courses to all other Departments.

At the period when the school of General Studies still bore the name Department of General Studies, in 1993 the pioneering Head of Department was Mr. Aje.

The School of General Studies was established in the year 1995 comprising of the Department of Liberal Studies, English and Communication Department, and the Department of Mass Communication.  This change in name and expansion of Department of General Studies to the School of General Studies also saw some pioneering members of the Department of General Studies redeployed to other Departments.  In essence, those with first degrees in Mathematics to Maths. & Statistic Department.  While those with Physics, Chemistry and Biology were deployed to Department of Science Laboratory Technology. And those with Economics to Department of Business and Financial studies as it were then known.

Since 1996 that Department of Liberal Studies (later to be known as Department of Social Sciences and Humanities) was fully established, it started briefly under the leadership of late Mr. W. A. Salako and later, Mr. G. A. Afolayan.   Some lecturers have had the opportunity of being Heads of Department at various occasions.

The Department has grown from its pioneering stage when it was faced with lack of facilities, including the problem of accommodation, but this will soon be over when the Department eventually moves to permanent building of the School of General Studies.

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