Office of the Registrar

Registry, as the hub of administration in the Polytechnic, has several Units. It is basically saddled with the responsibilities of managing students’ academic activities from admission to convocation and staff welfare from entry to exit. Registry’s scope of work is as wide as it is diverse. It is basically divided into several component Units which are seamlessly linked and centrally coordinated with a single line of reportage to the Registrar. These units and their functions include:


This is the Unit saddled with the following functions:

Students’ Request: it attends to diverse students’ requests, ranging from change of name, address, program and level. It also attends to cases of repetition, late course registration, complaints on results, re-marking of examination scripts, make-up examinations, deferment of academic studies, withdrawal of studentship, unofficial and official transcript requests, certificate processing, ID card replacement, resumption from suspension or deferment, reprint of letter of admission, etc.

Coordination of Polytechnic Academic Functions: this involves the coordination of academic ceremonies and activities like matriculation, lecture series, symposia, workshops and convocation.

Enquiries on Students: it handles result verification and confidential academic requests from employers or other institutions.

Monitoring of Studentship Status: Registry ensures that students’ resumption, identification, course registration and lecture attendance are duly monitored to avoid harboring defaulting or non-students.

The Academic Office has the following Sub-Units:

A.     Examinations

B.     Records

C.     Admission

D.     MIS

E.     Senate Secretariat

F.     College & Departmental Offices


There are fundamental requirements fashioned towards attainment of organisational goal or objective, which are often referred to as factors of production. Man power has been adjudged the most potent and indispensable of all factors of production due to its intellectual capacity and reasoning ability to manage and control other factors. An incompetent staff can hinder the process of realising corporate goals.

The Unit has the following Sub-Units each with different responsibilities:


This sub-unit ensures that recruitment is done based on the staffing numbers, skills and needs to meet the Polytechnic’s objectives. The prospective staff’s skills and qualities required for each particular job are analyzed accordingly. Read more...


This is the Unit that takes delivery of new staff employed by the Recruitment Unit. It handles their welfare until they exit the Polytechnic. Basically, the Sub-Unit is responsible for the following:

C.         RECORDS:

Records Unit is saddled with the responsibility of gathering staff data and ensuring that they are adequately processed and updated. The staff data includes Bio-Data, Educational and Experience Backgrounds, Extra Curricular Activities, etc.

The Sub-Unit also takes cognizance of daily routine of all existing staff such as approved leaves, staff resumption date, effective date of exit (i.e resignation) etc. The record officer equally ensures that all hard copies of each staff documents are properly filed and kept in the cabinet for safety.




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