Office of Vice Rector(Academic)

As the Chief Academic Officer, she exercises oversight functions over all academic and administrative matters of the Polytechnic.

Under the Vice Rector(Academic) Office are the following Units:

These units provide direct administrative support to the office of the Vice Rector(Academic) in both academic and corporate matters.


The Academic Planning Unit reports to the Vice Rector(Academic) on its operations. The Unit is responsible for the preparation of Programmes for Nigeria Polytechnic accreditation, quality management of activities which include style/method of teaching and learning, evaluation of students disposition to learning, teacher and teaching content, quality control of research, curriculum design, lecturers questions etc. It also ensures that academic activities meet Nigeria Polytechnic standard.


The Corporate and Public Affairs Unit of the Vice Rector(Academic) is responsible for managing the corporate image of the Polytechnic through effective use of media tools and community relations at minimal cost. The Unit understands the fundamental place of corporate image in the global aspiration of the Polytechnics and derives impetus from the common parlance of image being everything.

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