The e-portal responds to different users with different options based on the roles assigned to them. Each user of the portal can only perform tasks that assigned to him or her. The Portal achieves these by displaying different menu options for different users.

Student or Staff needs to log in to the Portal before he or she can perform any reasonable task, to log on to the Portal, follow these steps:

1 Locate the Account Login section on the Portal main screen.
2 Click and Enter your username in the User Name box.
3 Click and Enter your password in the Password box
4 Click Login button.

1 For Student: Student Username is his Matriculation Number.
2 For Staff: Staff should contact the Portal Administrator for his Username and Password.
3 It is the responsibility of the user (Student or Staff) to change initial password at the first time he logs in to the portal.

e-Purse is a virtual purse, it’s a personal portal bank account. It is a facility provided by the College Portal to keep the student money online to make it easier for payment as the need arises. Anybody can load purse for student including his or her parents.

To load your e-Purse, you must login to the portal, and then follow these steps.

Buy your virtual cards in any of designated banks.
1 Click “Load Purse” on the menu bar of the Portal.
The portal will respond by displaying a Load e-Purse page
Enter your name if you are loading purse for someone else. If already logged in, the box will be filled automatically with your name.
2 Enter your Matriculation Number in the “Matric No/Reg. No” box. If already logged in, the box will be filled.
3 Enter the Serial Number on the purchased card in the Serial No box
4 Enter the PIN number on the purchased card in the PIN No box.
5 Click Load Purse button.

1) The portal will respond to display the “Load Purse Confirmation Page” indicating the success of the operation.
2) The portal will display “The Matriculation/Registration Number supplied is invalid” only if the load purse was not successful.
The portal will respond by display the "Load Purse confirmation page" indicating the success of the operation.